Edison Program - Frequently Asked Questions

When does the application cycle for Edison opportunities begin and end?
The application cycle begins January 1 each year and ends September 1. Deadlines for each opportunity vary during this period and may be extended depending on availability of opportunities.

When is the deadline for Edison opportunities?
The deadline for all three opportunities has been extended for 2021 to April 27 by 4:00pm. 

How much is the Edison Research Scholarship? What does the scholarship cover?
You can only apply for a scholarship once each calendar year and the amount you are awarded may include all of your budgeted research expenses, regardless of whether they are for one quarter or an entire school year. The scholarship covers expenses for research, academic conference participation, GRE preparation, or graduate school applications. UCSB faculty approval of research expenses is required.

Does the Edison Research Scholarship cover expenses for one quarter or the whole school year?
See response above.

When do students hear back regarding the Edison GRE Scholarship and when is the spring GRE course offered for Edison GRE Scholarship recipients?
Students typically hear back from us within two weeks of the application deadline unless the deadline is extended. The spring GRE course date and time may change per year but for Spring 2021, it will be an asynchronous course and students will have six months of access to the course materials. 

I am a first-year, second-year, third-year, graduating senior? Can I still apply?
Yes, students of all years can apply for our programs, including graduating seniors. For the GRE scholarship, preference is given to students in their junior and senior year who are applying to graduate school in the fall. For the summer program, preference is given to students already engaged in research at UCSB. If you are a graduating senior applying for our research scholarship, please do so before end of spring quarter since only currently-enrolled students can receive that scholarship.

I don't have a faculty mentor and I'm interested in applying for the summer program. Do you provide us with a faculty mentor?
We do not provide students with faculty mentors. It is up to the student to secure a UCSB faculty mentor. We recommend students search for mentors via departmental websites or the Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP) website. For assistance, students are welcome to meet with one of our graduate mentors for advice on how to secure a mentor.

Is there a citizenship requirement for the Edison opportunities?
Only citizens, permanent residents of the United States, and Dream Scholars are eligible to apply. 

I was a recipient of an Edison opportunity last year, can I reapply?
Students can apply for our opportunities each year. Students can only receive the Edison GRE Scholarship and Edison Summer Program once each. However, students can receive the Edison Research Scholarship more than once.

For the Edison Research Scholarship, if I am considering buying multiple items over a time period of a few months, should I wait until I have purchased all the materials before applying for the scholarship? Or should I apply before I purchase the proposed materials?
You should apply one time and include all items you plan to purchase for this year. If awarded, you will receive a stipend to cover all research items so long as they do not go over our scholarship limit.

Does environmental studies qualify as a Edison-eligible major?
B.S. majors only.

I am a STEM student in a major outside of the ones listed on your flyer and website, can I still apply?
Based on our grant with Edison International, we can only consider students for our Edison opportunities who are majoring in one of the Edison-eligible B.S. fields. If you are in a B.A. major or a major outside those fields, you are not eligible to apply.

I have not declared a major. Can undeclared students apply for these opportunities?
No. Only students who have declared a major in one of the Edison-eligible B.S. fields are eligible to apply.

I am interested in applying for the scholarship, but I am not low-income, first-generation, or underrepresented in graduate education, can I still apply?
Eligibility requirements for the UCSB Edison opportunities are based on GPA, research and graduate school interest, low-income status, first-generation status, or a student underrepresented in graduate education as defined by US Department of Education (African American, Hispanic-Latino, Native American and Alaskan, Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian) or the National Science Foundation (women, minorities, and persons with disabilities). Veterans and Dream Scholars are also strongly encouraged to apply.